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ScriptSure Electronic Medical Record (EMR)

Customizable EMR For All Specialties

  • ScriptSure EMR

    Powerful features for any medical practice.

  • Electronic Medical Record Software

    Everything you need to get electronically connected in one easy to use application.

  • All the tools you need

    Scan documents, triage patients, create phyisican notes, electronic lab and imaging, e-prescribe & more

ScriptSure EMR is software that helps fit into your office work flow. From reception to check out, ScriptSure allows for patient intake, triage, notes, prescriptions, recording of vitals, document scanning, lab and imaging orders, patient education and consultant referral creation. Very few medical practices operate exactly alike. With that in mind, ScriptSure EMR was developed to allow for users to customize the application throughout. Store favorite medications, create custom triage fields and screens, tailor note templates and quick text selection lists to reflect how you document. Choose from hundreds of templates in general format or specific to diseases or create your own. Simple SOAP notes and dictation recording areas are included as well.

What's Included?
ScriptSure EMR is made of modules:
  • Notes - SOAP, dictation and template notes
  • Quick notes - out of work, etc.
  • Consultant Referrals
  • Online Patient Portal
  • Electronic Lab and Imaging test ordering and results
  • Appointment Scheduler Learn more
  • E-Prescribing: send new/refill prescriptions directly to pharmacies Learn more
  • Customizaable triage screens for vitals & more
  • Patient Education sheets on diseases and medications
  • Secure application with Privacy & HIPAA compliance
Purchase Options
Install, training, technical support with updates and upgrades are included with every purchase. Choose one purchase option:
  • Monthly
  • Annually
  • Flat Purchase
Periodically there are discounts for longer terms than 1 year and for flat purchase. Please ask a sales representative for more information.

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Meaningful Use Certification

MU2 Certified

Meaningful Use Certification Details

ScriptSure EMR v9.5 is now ONC-ACB Certified for Meaningful Use Stage 2014 Edition - Complete EHR Ambulatory. This Complete EHR is 2014 Edition compliant and has been certified by an ONC-ACB in accordance with the applicable certification criteria adopted by the Secretary of Health and Human Services. This certification does not represent an endorsement by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Cert ID 09172015-2677-5 and Date Certified 09/17/2015

The following modules and Clinical Quality Measures (CQMs) were tested by Drummond Group:
  • Modules Tested: 170.314 (a)(1‐15); (b)(1‐5, 7); (c)(1‐3); (d)(1‐8); (e)(1‐3); (f)(1‐3); (g)(2‐4).
  • Clinical Quality Measures tested: 2v4; 69v3; 127v3; 138v3; 146v3; 155v3; 156v3; 165v3; 166v4.
  • Additional software used: First Data Bank, ExitCare, Surescripts Network for Clinical Interoperability, Microsoft HealthVault

  • Costs & Fees

    Users of ScriptSure EMR and ScriptSure Cloud versions will face the following type of costs in many deployments. Please consult your sales representative for more information. The table below shows items that a user can expect:

    Cost related to ScriptSure EMR application Costs
    Costs/Fees to Use the Certified Software Users can purchase the software as a monthly license, annual license or a flat purchase with continual annual support. Monthly and annual license purchases can expect monthly or annual charges at the rate with any discounts extended for use of the software. Each DEA-licensed user or user with an NPI number to electronically prescribe incurs a charge. For flat purchase, users incur an initial charge for the software and are expected to pay support fees on the anniversary date reflective of 15%-25% of the original cost and/or may be required to purchase an EPCS security token to EPCS. The licenses fees and annual support charges give end user access to product updates, database updates, version upgrades and fixed and technical support.
    Required 3rd Party Software ScriptSure Cloud requires no 3rd party software be purchased, but Google Chrome is recommended download for use of this application. For ScriptSure EMR, the computer that is using ScriptSure EMR must have Microsoft Office (Word and Excel) installed on the computer in order to print or view many reports from the EMR. In addition, Microsoft HealthVault is used for the patient portal and end user must consent to the terms and conditions of Microsoft for that product.
    Support On-going annual fee that is a percentage of the overall initial cost or it is included in a monthly/annual fee if the product is licensed in that way.
    Drug Database Usage There are continual fees for use of the drug database that is separate and distinct from annual support. This amount is included in monthly fees, but not flat purchase.
    Document Storage There is no fee for document storage in ScriptSure Cloud. A yearly fee for document storage applies to ScriptSure EMR in the form of payment to Google Docs, where the documents can be stored.
    Optional Prescription Printing One-time costs for prescription-sized printer and continual costs for secure prescription paper as needed.
    Setup and Installation With ScriptSure Cloud, the initial setup can be done through self-paced, self-serviec windows from within the settings and buy now functions on the site. For ScriptSure EMR, initial one-time setup fees for each Provider user and fees for locations with more than 3 computers.
    Reinstallation ScriptSure cloud there is no charge. For ScriptSure EMR, One-time fees for reinstallation on individual computers.
    Optional: Offsite Backup service and software available for ScriptSure EMR only One-time software fee plus annual fees for storage of the data.
    Custom report generation One-time fee for ScriptSure Cloud and ScriptSure EMR.
    Custom export of patient data for migration One-time fee or ScriptSure Cloud and ScriptSure EMR.
    3rd party integrated apps in ScriptSure ScriptSure contains the ability to add 3rd party applications. These applications typically carry monthly fees for their use.
    Data Interfaces Custom programming to interface to 3rd applications for sharing data is typically a one-time fee, but in certain circumstances can carry annual maintenance fees depending on complexity.
    E-Prescribing Controlled Substances For users that would like to Electronically prescribing controlled substances (EPCS), there are nominal additional monthly or annual fees and there is a requirement to purchase a 2-factor authentication hard token device or soft token for secure sending; additional cost for the token may need to be paid to third parties for these security tokens. Soft tokens are only available for the ScriptSure Cloud application.
    Cost for Meaningful Use Certified Products There are no limitations or additional costs for the EMR products that are certified.

    Contracts & Limitations

    All users must sign a contract for use of the ScriptSure products. The term of the contracts can be for 6 months, 12 months or shorter/longer durations under certain circumstances.

    ScriptSure EMR requires the usage and contracting with Microsoft HealthVault for patient portal.

    For users that would like to leverage document storage, you can select Google Drive for an online storage provider. This requires contracting with and pay fees directly to Google.

    All users must accept End User License Agreement (EULA); available to users prior to purchase.

    ScriptSure functions on Windows-based computer and tablets.

    The ScriptSure EMR v9.5 certification from ONC-ACB is limited to ambulatory care setttings.

    Any users that want to EPCS, must purchase a security device and security certificate.

    Microsoft Office, including Word and Excel are required for printing certain documents and reports in ScriptSure. Microsoft is not included in the ScriptSure software purchase and must be purchased separately at the end user's cost.

    You can view the mandatory disclosure statement here also:
    Mandatory Disclosure Statement

    Benefits & Incentives
    • easy to use user interface requires little training
    • fully customizable
    • e-prescribing benefits with electronic sending and formulary compliance
    • single click access to FDB and PDR drug references
    • time-saving software that ensures all relevant information is documented
    • quick setup
    Installation Options
    ScriptSure can be installed on any Windows computer, laptop or tablet that meets the system requirements or access over the internet.
    • Install directly on your computers (client-server software), OR
    • Use over the internet - hosted access (web-based software)

    Ready to Buy? Call 1-866-755-1500

    For a quick demo or to purchase ScriptSure products, contact sales at Toll-Free at 866-755-1500. Registration is simple and installation is included; our support staff install products remotely at your convenience.

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    Note Types Chart Notes

    ScriptSure EMR gives you the ability to create several types of notes. SOAP notes, template, notes, basic dictation notes and more. All note types are compliant with Dragon dictation.

    soap note screen SOAP Notes

    If you prefer a simple note, SOAP note option gives subjective, objective, assessment and plan fields to enter information. Users can include sections on any note from pre-completed triage screens. Pick lists allow you to create sentences and select them later for easy documentation.

    template Notes Template Notes

    Select from any of the provided template notes, create your own or forward your paper templates to our staff so they can be integrate into your software. Template notes have pre-populated text so documenting an encounter is as simple as point and click. Create your own pick options, add comments and capture data from triage data.

    triage Patient Triage

    Patient triage screens allow you to record any information as a part of the initial patient consult. Record Chief Complaint, allergies, Diagnosis, vitals and more. Triage screens can be customized. Create whole new screens with fields to record data and order them on-screen.

    Patient vitals Vitals

    Record vitals for patients (multiple values per day is possible). Create your own vital fields if needed. Values recorded can be viewed horizontally overtime for quick reference to changes in patient status. Vitals for weight and height can be charted over time.

    smoking status Smoking Status

    Record patient smoking status, track the patients smoking history and provide counseling.

    Document Scanning Document Scanning

    Scan and attach any documents directly to patient charts. Store documents locally or take advantage of use Google Drive (Apps) for storage. Full charts, consult letters, lab and MRI results and more. All documents are stored and sortable for easy recall. Assign documents to users for review. Save and sign scanned documents and add addendums where needed. Click here to setup a Google Apps Account: GOOGLE APPS SIGNUP What is Google Apps?

    Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that helps teams communicate, collaborate and get things done from anywhere and on any device. It's simple to set up, use and manage, so your business can focus on what really matters.

    Millions of organizations around the world count on Google Apps for professional email, file storage, video meetings, online calendars, document editing and more.

    Watch a video or find out more here.

    patient portal Online Patient Portal

    ScriptSure EMR has an optional Secure Patient Portal Website where patient's can access infromation on medications they have been prescribed, education materials and their lab test results. Patient information can automatically post to the patient's portal account.

    Lab Tests Lab & Imaging Tests

    Create and send electronic lab and imaging test orders electronically. Receive results* electronically directly from approved interface lab facilities such as Quest and LabCorp or your local facility. *Requires interface and user approval by testing facility.

    Tasks User Tasks

    A tasks window can keep track of documents or other items such as patient call backs that need to be performed.

    Quick Notes Quick Notes

    Print common notes like medical excuses for work quickly and easily with practice and patient headers printed on the notes. Create your own and automatically merge any EMR data field directly into the note when selected.

    consultant referrals Consultant Referrals

    Easily create consultant referrals. Store commonly referred specialists for easy selection. Note the time of the appointment, location of consult and add a diagnosis where applicable.

    E-prescribing drug list Comprehensive Drug Database

    Prescribe by searching by brand & generic drug names, class, specialty, alphabetically or create your own favorite list.

    E-prescribing history screen Patient Prescription History

    ScriptSure stores all medications prescribed for patients. Powerful toolbars allow to sort and organize by status, date, drug name and more. Color code medications by status; purple for changes in dose, tan for discontinued medications, etc.

    Patient education sheets Patient education sheets Patient Disease Education Sheets

    More than 2500 education sheets relevant to all specialties are available in both English and Spanish.

    medication information sheet Medication Education Sheets

    First Databank and Multum drug reference libraries are included. Print patient educational material for patients.

    ScriptSure interactions Interaction Tracking

    Drug-drug and allergy interaction warnings. Each user can turn on and set tolerances for up to 14 different drug checks

    re-prescribed medications Re-Prescribe One or Many

    With a single click you can re-prescribe one or several medications from history in the same format as previously prescribed.

    ScriptSure E-prescribing formulary View Insurance Coverage

    Insurance coverage (formulary status), co-pays and class alternatives are available for patients with insurance linked to the SureScripts network.

    E-prescribing sorting Customizable Views

    Powerful toolbars allow you to sort by any field. Lump together same medications names, visit dates or filter data. All items on screen can be printed on reports and exported to Excel.

    ScriptSure eprescribing interactions Generate Reports from Anything Stored

    Patient-specific or practice-wide reports can be exported in PDF, Word, Excel or any of these file formats:

    ScriptSure Feature List


    • SureScripts GOLD solutions provider certified
    • White Coat Status Awarded for 2011, 2012 (submission pending for 2013)
    • ScriptSure is accredited for the EHNAC E-Prescribing Accreditation Program (ePAP)
    • Learn more

      EMR Features

    • Create customized triage fields and screens
    • Record multiple chief complaints, diagnosis, CPTs, ICD-9s and more (ICD-10 to be released July 2014)
    • Record surgical, social, family history and Review of Systems data.
    • Create SOAP, template, dictation and follow-up notes
      • Customize note templates by adding nodes, pre-entered text and drop-lists.
    • Add addendums to existing notes
    • Save and sign completed notes
      • Add electronic signatures to all notes
    • Record Vitals
      • BP, temp, pulse, respiration, SPO2%, weight, height and BMI
      • Create custom vital fields as needed
    • Record Smoking Status
    • Record and store demographics for each patient
    • Store patient preferred pharmacies and insurances
    • Store patient pictures
    • Scan and store patient credentials (insurance cards, picture identification, etc.)
    • Record patient allergies and have automatic warnings for potential allergies
    • Print patient visit summaries
    • Add drug comments for patients with alerts
    • Print consultant referrals
    • Record medical problems
    • Record Immunization history

    • Administrative Features

    • Full reporting capability
    • Secure user login
    • Advanced setup allows for users to be added to groups and each group can be granted access or restricted from any screen views and functions
    • View practice metrics and track use of the software via an audit log
    • View a report with all patients that received a medication with a single click
    • Create complex, tapering and titration medications with ease

    • Medication Databases Inside

    • Pre-programmed formats for all prescription medications; just point and click
    • Create a user favorite list of medications
    • Search for medications by favorite list, drug name, class, group or alphabetically
    • Includes pharmacology short description for all prescription medications
    • Medication Information from First Databank® Drug (FDB®) Information databases
      • Unobtrusive drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction warnings and as many as 14 different drug checks can be activated by each user
      • View pharmaceutical medication information on-screen: dosing, indications, interactions, contraindications, side effects and more
    • Patient education* information on all medications available from FDB® and Multum®; *Available in English and Spanish
    • PDR® Brief is included with ScriptSure and gives you the following information when available:
      • Full prescribing information on medications
      • Boxed Warnings & Drug Safety Updates/Alerts
      • REMS requirements (Medication Guides, mandatory Patient Registry Information, etc.)
      • Medication adherence tools, support and program information
      • Patient financial assistance offers and programs (co-pay assistance, coupons, etc.)
      • Patient education discussion guides, materials and/or handouts and more...

      General Features

    • Re-prescribe any medication in the same format as previously delivered with a single click
    • Post-date prescriptions
    • Complete ICD-9 diagnosis list included
    • Fully Networkable
    • Print to any Windows® Compatible printer
    • Fax Prescriptions to pharmacies without the need for a fax line
    • An unlimited number of users can use the software simultaneously
    • User-friendly interface developed in WPF (Windows® Presentation Format)
    • Complete integration with ScriptSure scheduler
    • Interface with any 3rd party software
    • User-level security
    • User audit log

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