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After creating an account, you will be able to login using your username (Email address) and password that you set during your account signup. If you have not created an account yet, please visit NEHII.ORG by clicking here.

To login to ScriptSure, go to: www.scriptsure.com

NEHII Recommendations

  • NEHII - Best Practices for Successful Implementation of EPCS (READ FIRST)

  • Setup & Getting Started Guides

  • Providers ONLY User Setup Guide (any prescriber - MD, DO, NP, ARNP)
  • Nurses & Supporting Staff User Setup Guide (any non-prescriber - nurse, admin, IT, general staff)

  • Training Materials

  • ScriptSure Cloud Quick Start Guide
  • ScriptSure Cloud Basic Screenshot Demo

  • Basic How To's

  • How to add ScriptSure launch shortcut/link
  • How to Enable Pop-Ups using Chrome and Safari Devices
  • How to Easily Login to ScriptSure Using Chrome
  • How to Prescribe - Nurses/Supporting Users.
  • How to Prescribe - Providers - MDs, NPs, etc.

  • Advanced How To's

  • How to Setup a Compound Medication
  • How to Prescribe a Compound Medication

  • Video Tutorials

  • ScriptSure E-Prescribing Tutorials (Video 16mins)
  • If you need assistance with specific functions, please contact support at support@dawsystems.com